What is this thing they call Print on Demand?

What is this thing they call Print On Demand?

Print on Demand Technology is the best thing that has ever happened for the writer who is ready to take the step and self-publish!

Because of print on demand, you have the option to print one book or a hundred. You will never be stuck with a warehouse full of books, and you can order new books at any time.

YOU choose how long to keep your book in publication. After the initial set up, a fee of $50.00 per year keeps the book in publication and available through the national databases. As long as you keep it current your book can be ordered from any bookstore (online or walk-in) in the country.

The obvious advantage of this is the volume of books you have to order at a time. The main disadvantage is that there is no price break as the volume goes up. (Special arrangements can be made for traditional printing with the publisher if you have a need for a high volume print run.)

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