Consultants are business people, too

Your job is to make other businesses and individuals better. In business, “Consultants are paid to share their expertise and knowledge to help businesses attain goals and solve problems,” according to the Education Portal.


“In the general sense, a consultant is an individual with vast knowledge and experience in a specific professional field. Consultants are hired to lend their expertise to clients in need of insight they do not possess. In addition to expertise, a consultant should have a track record of past accomplishments. Consulting is a broad area of interest, and, from businesses to personal services, there’s a consulting opportunity for practically every industry.”

Here at Monument Press and our sister site, DigitalOatmeal, our job is to make YOUR job easier and more lucrative.  How do we do that?  By helping you look more credible in your field through book publishing and professional web design.  We have a combined experience of more than 75 years in writing, publishing, web design and graphics.

Our writers have been writing for someof the biggest names in media for more than 20 years, sometimes as a ghostwriter and sometimes under their own name.  You are a consultant.  You don’t have the time to write a book.  Your job is to consult and get more work consulting, not writing books.  That is where we come in.  Our team of ghostwriters are experienced in writing books, articles, and more.  We have the ability to make your book sound as if YOU wrote it.Typewriter keys

Web design and graphics come naturally to us, having been designing web presence and graphics for Fortune 100 companies for many years.  Our graphics include logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, pamphlets.  We can even design convention displays for you.  Most business owners have known for years that the key to their success is building a brand, however many people running online businesses have ignored this. All of the big companies do it and there is a reason for it. A brand is what sets your business apart from your competitors. The graphics on your site can help you to build your brand.

Our Mission

  • To help consultants make more money through the power of authorship and strategic internet positioning.
  • To create the best possible experience and the best possible book and web presence for each consultant.
  • To introduce the public to independently published books from our authors.
  • To provide outstanding and unparalleled service and to help make the dreams of professional consultants come true through independent publishing.


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