Book Publishing for the Consultant

More than 70 years of combined experience

We make it easy for you, the professional consultant, to grow your business by providing the necessary tools to become a recognized and published author and an expert in your field. When you write a book, as a consultant, you gain credibility. Others see you as an expert in your field, both peers and potential clients.

As a consultant, you need to get the word out that you have the knowledge and credibility to go into a business and help them.  Today, more than ever, businesses need to see that their money is being well spent on people who can help them get to the next level.  One of the ways you can show the prospective client you have what it takes to help them, is to look like an expert in your field and, in many cases, that means being a published author and having a quality, professional website.

Monument Press has been publishing books since the beginning of the Print-on-Demand phenomenon and creating professional websites for even longer.

Ghost Writing

As a consultant, you know the power of the spoken word but may need help in writing your book.  Monument Press has a team of writers who can write your book and give you the credit for it.

Our staff has been in the book publishing and graphics business for more than 30 years.

Professional websites, too

Consultants need a website and not just a book.  You have to get your message
General Information


  • To assist consultants make more money through the power of authorship and internet presence.
  • To create the best possible experience and the best possible book and web presence for each consultant.
  • To introduce the public to independently published books from our authors.
  • To provide outstanding and unparalleled service and to help make the dreams of of professional consultants come true through independent publishing.

Monument Press Publishing is committed to the advancement of non-biased publishing.


We publish eBooks and trade paperback and hardcover books with or without dust jacket and make our books available online and in eBook format. We publish in any genre.

You are at the top of your field you are called upon by others to teach the knowledge, train the system to others you travel the country, the state giving lectures; imparting knowledge of what you have and know to those around you you are a consultant you have notes, lectures, theories, speeches, all things that you have written out and set forth as you go from business to business imparting all the things you know.

We at Monument Press understand this.

We know that what you need now is someone who can put all those notes, speeches, lectures into one easy to grasp source. We understand the time constraints that are on you as you work to keep at the top of your field.

We are here to help you 24/7 as you make your way to the top of the consultant circuit.

Whether it is getting your first book organized and written on your 20th published we are here for you.  We also know that it takes more than just a great book to get to the top. We know that you need a web presence, our team of experts are here to help develop your site to your specifications. From the look and content to final act of publishing it and maintaining it for you.

If you are needing graphic layouts, power point presentations, pamphlets, booklets, no matter our family can help you become the absolute resource for businesses in your field.