Graphics and Branding

Why Graphics are an Important Element of Branding

Many factors can either make or break your professional book or website. Graphics serve as one important element within a larger branding strategy. Well designed visuals can enhance your brand and encourage visitors to stay and read what you have written.

Graphics can help make the difference

The main reason that graphics are important is that they make your site look more professional. When people visit a site they expect to see graphics, if all they see is a page full of text it is going to make them think that put little effort into your site. Graphics will make your site look better as well since they break up all of the text. A few well placed graphics will really enhance the appearance of your site.


Branding by Graphics

While graphics are important on your website you do have to be careful with them. You need to make sure that they are not distracting the visitor from the content of your site. You also want to make sure that the graphics don’t create a page that takes forever to load. In most cases when it comes to graphics less is more. You want a few simple, well placed graphics on your site. This is something that a lot of web designers struggle with, they all want to “show off” their graphic design skills. Make sure that you find a company that knows how to use graphics properly. The designers at our sister company, DigitalOatmeal has been helping companies large and small create their brand for many years.

The other big reason that you want to have graphics on your site is that it allows you the opportunity for branding. Branding is critical if you are building a business and it is something that you have to make sure that you factor into your website. Most business owners have known for years that the key to their success is building a brand, however many people running online businesses have ignored this. Big companies spend lots of money building and protecting their brand, and there is a reason for it. A brand is what sets your business apart from your competitors. The graphics on your site can help you to build your brand.

The way that you use graphics to build a brand is to give your site an appearance that is unique and consistent. You want to make sure that every page on your website has the same basic look. This will ensure that your visitor always knows that they are visiting your site. A well designed logo will make sure that you stand out from other sites that are offering a similar product. Ideally, your website should have the same basic appearance as all of your off-line marketing materials as well. Graphics that are consistent across all of these materials will really help with that.

Graphics and your Book

The cover of a book is the invitation to what is inside the book.  Have an inviting cover and people want to read what is on the inside.