Our goal is to help you become successful as you measure success.  We are not here to tell you how to write your book.  Our job is to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.  We have all the tools you will require to become successful.  Our author-centered approach allows you to be in control of the process, not the other way around.  You tell us what you need and what you want and it is our job to make it all come together, just like you envisioned it.

Our services are tailored to meet your needs and our packages are so flexible, that even they can be tailored for you.  We believe the author comes first.

If you need, we can take you by the hand and lead you though the process, step by step or, we can step back if you desire and be available to just give you pointers.

The friendly folks at Monument Press are well-versed in the publishing business, both traditional and self-publishing.

Here is why you need to be an author with Monument Press:

You retain all rights to your book
You completely control the book design
You can publish quickly
You can prove the value of your work
You can have paperback, hardback and E-Book availability
You distribute your book worldwide
You target your niche market
You gain access to your audience
You earn royalties on every sale
Your book never goes out of print
You have access to around-the-clock customer support











 the professionals at Monument Press today to get started.  We can promise you our service can’t be beat nor can our prices.